Deep Dive - Considered Path

Deep Dive - Considered Path

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Current Offerings Womens - November 6-8

Pause. Practice. Ready. Because we don’t learn this stuff once.

An immersive experience of consideration for 2023. Dive into inquiry to deepen your own Emotional Wisdom and awareness. Develop a plan for the year ahead for practices and behaviors that are aligned with who you want to be and how you show up in the world.

Who will come?:

An intimate group of seekers who have spent time in a Deep Dive. You already know you are ready. Here’s the invitation. This is for anyone who has participated in the Deep Dive - Emotional Wisdom.

What to know:

This is a serious commitment of time and energy. Be prepared to make subtle and bold changes as a result of your participation.

3 days (2 nights)

One 1:1 follow up session

Meditation, yoga, and movement will be incorporated throughout the day to heighten the learning and experience.


Whistler Area - Private Home