Clarity in an Age of Bewilderment

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Judy is available for keynotes, lectures, podcasts and other content for conversation about her experience supporting others' inquiry into their own self-governance, leadership and community.

Exploring options to create real impact and lasting change is critical for organizational success as well as personal evolution. Judy can meet you and your audience where they are and talk about considerations and practices that cultivate growth.


contemplations for personal evolution - A LITTLE MORE GOOD PODCAST

"When was the last time you paused to consider where you are at, or to simply ponder the depth and beauty of some poetry and ask, what might this teach me about my life right now?"

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"Immerse Yourself" with Chief Phil Lane Jr. - A Little More Good podcast

In the latest “The Medicine of” episode of A Little More Good podcast, I had the honour of co-hosting with Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. It was a conversation none of us wanted to leave. It sits with me still and resonates in my cells. I see it in the eagle soaring over me today as I sit on the shore of Desolation Sound. In the bear in my backyard and in the spirit of the person I pass on the trail, I am reminded that we are all one. All connected. 

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"In this episode we speak to the power of language, the journey inwards as an entrepreneur, taking pause for deeper consideration and what's alive for the future."

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A practical approach to

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