Who Is Judy

Judy is a student and a practitioner—from neuroscience to yoga, board governance to meditation—beginning each day, and her work, from a place of learning and experience.

Leading with lovingkindness, and her playful spirit, you will find Judy Brooks in a corporate boardroom as often as on a trail in the woods engaging individuals and groups in conversations that matter.

Her purpose? To inspire deep consideration. 

Her three decades of success in building companies, mentoring corporate leaders, and developing strategy in high-transition times is proof of her drive toward service and impact in the world.

Emotional wisdom guides the business acumen she has built up over a successful career; from co-founding the global conflict management company, Proactive Resolutions, to launching-growing-and-exiting the global franchise phenomenon of Blo Blow Dry Bar. Most recently, as Executive Chair, she helped guide food category disrupter, Smart Sweets, to an acclaimed transaction.

Judy finds energy and excitement in mentoring and for 16 years, Judy served as CEO, board member, and then Chair of FWE (now the Forum), Canada’s largest woman entrepreneur association. She has served or advised on numerous private, public, and not-for-profit Boards as diverse as Nurse Next Door to Talkshop Media. She has received awards and accolades for her influence in business, mentorship, and leadership. But as Judy would say it is not what you have done but who you are. 

Judy brings care, vision and presence to every engagement, as well as a deep listening ear. It is her honor and inspiration (and brings her joy) to support these individuals and groups taking their own self-governance seriously and playing in the deep end of their own evolution.